Capital campaigns with

an edge

Connect with your most passionate partners

No two capital projects are alike, so why run a one-size-fits-all campaign? Rather than wrangle a big team for generic asks, we'll help you tap dedicated volunteers for focused interaction with donors. Our approach skips administrative headaches and leads to highly invested donors who identify with your mission. Learn more »

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Move your mission


Shift your thinking about annual fundraising

Your donors don’t have to be lost in a dead-end cycle of special events and direct mail. Parrish Consulting helps nonprofits discover a fresh approach to fundraising that focuses on people who are passionate about the mission and have the potential to give long-term support. Ready to evolve your fundraising efforts? We can help »

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Get your ambassadors


Create relationships that lead to major gifts

Are your staff and board members engaging potential donors in your story, or are they simply adding names to a mailing list? We'll work at all levels of your organization to help individuals understand their role in fund development, share their passion for your mission, and use tools that are not just up-to-date but actually useful. Learn more »

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Challenged to increase private support over five years, Parrish Consulting was engaged by the Grand Rapids Symphony to help discover and strategize the implementation of practical tactics for sustaining the orchestra’s financial future.  Success followed with measurable increases in annual...

Kelly E. Kinnear
Director of the Annual Fund
Grand Rapids Symphony

Open thinking

Donor communications should be intentional. They should validate the donor’s decision to contribute and build inclination for future gifts by demonstrating mission achievement. eNewsletters are a great way to communicate to your donors because they are low cost and are a critical tool in building... Read more »
We all know how a new year’s resolution works for the majority of people… You’re all for it on January 1, the first week goes off with ease. Week 2, not so easy, but you still manage. In week 3 other priorities take precedence, and then week 4…. Resolution? What Resolution? This may be the case in... Read more »